Profile & Management

Swissflex Microelectronics, located between the Jura mountain and the capital city of Berne, is highly demanding field of micro and nanotechnology.

Swissflex Microelectronics is a Swiss company founded in March 2016, in the Canton of Bern located in PTSI III in Saint-Imier.

We produce highly sophisticated and specifically customized design and manufacturing with high density interconnection ultra flexible hybrid multilayer microcircuits for various high technological applications and competitive industries fields. Our products set new standards in the industry that have very few international competitors.

Swissflex Microelectronics is developing sophisticated and specifically designed ultra flexible hybrid circuits for a number of industries.

Swissflex Microelectronics is always active in field of flexible thin film flexible microcircuits technology and thick film circuits on ceramics and glass based materials for all kind customized design to development and manufacturing.

Swissflex Microelectronics is inspiring new concepts for innovation to develop individualized and sophisticated specifically designed ultra-flexible hybrid microcircuits for your products and your innovative solution ideas.

Our mission is to work together with you to achieve the key goal of improving reliability and performance of your product from the original concept to the market introduction.

Engineering & Production location – Parc Technology III
Rue de la clef 9,
2610 Saint-Imier,