Swissflex Microelectronics disposes modern fabrication facilities as well as specialized expertise in the field of nanotechnology.

Swissflex Microelectronics serves as SME partner.

Swissflex Microelectronics will mainly deal with

  • Step I : Technical Feasibility Study
  • Step II : Design & Development
  • Step III : Prototyping
  • Step IV : Industrialization and Manufacturing

Swissflex Microelectronics has expertise in particular:

1) Proof of Concept, Project Management, Design & Layout (Gerber Files), Design Rules, Multilayer Manufacturing Design, Materials and Prozess, Metalization and all photolithography process for patterning of  microcircuits on different substrates.

2) Manufacturing process, Material selection, Photolithography and Thin film metallization and dry and wet etching process

3) Multilayered Production Files Gerber and Modelling.

4) Micro assembly hybrid microcircuits

5) System integration

Contact us and we will develop an individual solution for you.

We know the expectations of your industry and we understand your needs.

We will design and offer you the right solution for your requirements.

If we get involved right from the start and we supply you with a final solution with highly qualified and motivated employees and our engineering tools, we make it much easier for you to finalize your design, your products and your systems. 

The main markets are:

  • Medical devices & electronics technology
  • Industrial Sensors – Special industrial sensor
  • Institutes-Universities
  • Aeronautics & Defence (Aircraft)
  • Automotive market
  • Telecommunications (HF-Radar)
  • Mobile Electronic (wearables)
  • Engineering Research

History Development of Swissflex Microelectronics


  • Strategic investment plan for in-line process equipment > 1m2 Substrate Size
  • Strategic investment in high volume manufacturing equipment capabilities
  • Strategic investment for double layer R2R manufacturing equipment
  • EU sales office
  • Nord America  sales office
  • Canada sales office
  • ASIA sales office
  • Russian  sales office


  • Ultra flexible microcircuit (SmartSlimFlex) on 6″ and 8” substrate up to 5 layers manufacturing equipment in 574 m2 area in St-Imier (BE)
  • Thin and Thick microcircuit (SmartSlimCeram) on 6″ and 8” AlN and AlO3 substrate single, double or multilayer manufacturing
  • Investment plan and decision for in-line process equipment
  • Prototype level RTL5-6 : 2 new Medical ProductsMEDCAMFLEX Capsule Endoscopy with 6 cameras and MEDUS 4D on phone
  • Wearable flexible electronics – Shoe and bed mapping sensing and applications for a private company


  • Thin film microcircuits manufacturing (SmartSlimFlex) on 6″ and 8″ on glass and ceramic substrate
  • Development of process of HDI Flex – Ultra flexible thin film circuits technology
  • MEDCAMFLEX Capsule Endoscopy on phone and Long Endoscopy – Research and Development
  • Multi Chip Module Device MCM-D double layer
  • MEDUS 4D Ultrasonic Medical Echography on phone – Research and Development
  • Combined SmartSlimFlex & Hybrids sensors solutions for aeronautics
  • 6” and 8” glass and ceramics substrate (on square and circular substrate carrier)
  • Wearable flexible electronics – Shoe and bed mapping sensing
  • Development of process of HDI Flex – Ultra flexible thin film circuits technology
  • First combined SmartSlimFlex & Hybrids sensors solutions for aeronautics


  • Microcircuits based liquid polyimide on 6″ and 8” glass panels
  • Thin and thick microcircuit based on AlN and AlO3 ceramics
  • Double Side Metallization of ultra flexible microcircuits technology
  • Ultra flexible microcircuits technology with high density interconnection cables
  •  6” and 8” circular and square substrate based on Silicium, Glass or Ceramics microcircuits
  • Divers Substrate like PI, ETFE, PET
  • Foundation of Swissflex Microelectronics Sàrl