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Flexible Circuit Technologies for Biomedical Applications and Materials

  •  PI-2611 Polyimide
  •  Parylene C
  •  Metalization : Ti /Pt /Au
  •  Etching (Subtractive) Technologies
  • Pattern line and space structure : 10um Pitch

Ultra Flexible Miniaturized High Density Interconnection Flex Circuits

Hybrid Interconnection System on Flexible

Ultra Thin Flexible to Wearable Stretchable Flexible Circuits

Ultra Thin Flexible Circuit and Displays

Flexible Interconnections Assembly

Flexible Inter-posers Interconnection

Flexible Integrated Circuits

Flexible Advanced Circuits Substrate Materials

Flexible Circuits for High Frequency Antenna Solution

Multilayer Flexible Circuits on Ceramics

Multi  Microelectronde Array Circuits on Glass Substrate

Multi  Microelectronde Array Circuits on Flexible Substrate

Multi  Microelectronde Array Flexible Circuits on Glass Substrate

Hybrid Ultra Flexible Circuits in Miniaturized Micro-System Module

Ultra Flexible Nanolithography Electrodes in Medical Device Innovation

Ultra Flexible Circuit and Lighting

Ultra Flexible Circuit in Heaters Application

Ultra Flexible Circuit in Flexible Solar Cell Applications

Ultra Flexible Circuit Touch Sensors

Ultra Flexible Circuit Pressure Sensors

Ultra Flexible Circuit Piezo Sensor Application

Ultra Flexible Circuit Capacitive Sensors

Ultra Flexible Circuit Electronics for Implantable and Wearable Devices

Ultra Flexible Circuit for Large Scale Neuro-interfaces

Ultra Flexible Circuit for Magnetic Coils Application

Multilayer Ultra Flexible Circuit for Magnetoencephalography Device